Monday, November 28, 2011

oh just tooooo cute!

Here are some of the hair clips I'm selling at my first craft fair! You can order thru here to! : )

Oh your little one's hair is going to be soooo happy : ) and you will too!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pumpkin Decorating Party!

We LOVE hosting playdates for our playgroup. I go a little over board, but heck, it's for the kids, so I love it!
Mummy pizzas!
Biscuit out a can, sauce, cheese, and Olives. Follow baking recipe on can!
 Our Witch Cupcakes! Easiest thing ever! Make you favorite cupcakes recipe, and tint the frosting a gross color! Chocolate chips for eyes, candy corn for a nose. I couldn't find the rope candy for hair, which I was super diapointed about : ( but they are cute!
 Love me some plactic eye balls and frozen roach ice cubes! Ew!
 Buckets of googly eyes and stickers kept these kids busy! And having everything outside was super clean and easy!
 My little girl loving a cupcake!
 Yes, of course I had to make hair clips to match our Pumpkin Day! : )

Friday, November 11, 2011

Love me some free paintable things!

My husband scooped this up from the recycling center:
And of course that was waaaaay to simple for me!
So I dolled it up!

I'm telling ya, anything with a surface. I'll get a brush on! : )

A Kodak Moment

Now, if I could have handpainted frames all over my house, I would. I would customize first bath, first halloween, first time on the potty (ok, maybe not that one!) However, I don't think I would allowed to. So instead I want everyone else to do it for me!
Here are some new creations!

Give me more letters!

On Olivia's wall is her name that I painted on wooden letters. I had found some online for 25 bucks a letter. I laughed and then made my own!
Here are some more painted letters!

There are a LOT of different styles and sizes of letters! I love variety!

More Bow Boards!

I just love this idea! These keep your bows and clips organized and doubles as art!

I do custom ones to match any decor!

Jewlery Holder

Well, this project was one of my favorite things, because almost everything is recycled! I found the window at the recycling center, and everything else I found on other things and re-used!

I have about 15 more of these which are being customized!