Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Whats in a name? If not bedazzled!?

One of my passions is making things for children.
I started making them for gifts, and hopefully one day I'll have a demand for them!
Here are a few of my works!
I LOVE making homemade gifts.
It wasn't until our family joined two playgroups
that we had a lot of kid friends!
So now I have more excuses to paint more name cavases!

This one I made for a friend's new baby!

This one is my first paid for canvas! For my friend Lindsey's nephew!
I LOVE this one!
Here are a few more!
This was for Josie's first birthday!
 This was for Leanna's first birthday!
 This was for Harley!
This one is up for the taking! I love this name!

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