Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We know our letters! And other things!

On my daughters bedroom door is the letter 'O' that I painted.
Ya know, just in case we forget ; )
Above her bed are custom letters I painted as well!
Just so everyone is clear on that her name is Olivia! ha!
I have done these for many people, custom to match
any bedroom! Or family name!
Ask me about them! Made with love!
My cousin Kimberly asked me to make her son Joshua,
our newest little cousin, letters for his wall!
 Our cousin Paul, Kimberly's hubby and Joshua's father, is in the Coast Guard.
We needed the 'mans man' design, so a custom painted by me, camo print
is adorable but tough enough for the son of a Coastie!!
 Monkeys were the theme in his room!
 For Joshua's bedroom door.

I have many other letters and shapes that are for sale!
This one is in Amelia's room!

 Just realized this is my daughter, my husband and my initials!
Lets pretend I did that on purpose! lol!

These are a very inexpensive 'extra' for a wall, or bedroom door!
Great baby shower gifts, first birthday gifts, or just for anything!

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