Friday, September 16, 2011

Every girl needs a bow board!

My daughter Olivia, has so many bows and clips that I just didn't know what to do with them!
Throwing them in a tubberware wasn't an option ; )
I saw another version of this online, so I made my own!
(PLUS: the one online was about $75! no thanks, this crafter has a budget!)
Another note, the ribbon on this board is ribbon
from my baby shower when I was pregnant
with my little bow wearin' Olivia!
I made this one for our cousin Jade's second birthday!
I bet I know a lot of grown up woman that could use a bow board!
I should try making it with leather and lace ; )

These are customizable as well! Just ask me!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Not just for kids!!

This one was made for my girlfriend's son's first birthday!

 The start of my tree painting:
 I LOVE this one! it's up on my china hutch all year!
 Just a few of my other art:

I've done canvases with family names, a funny quote for a man cave.
Anything you need I can do!!

Custom Frames! For sale!

I think these are just so precious! What a great little gift!
For a sweet little girl!? Know any? : )

 This one needs something?! I'm not sure? Maybe your name? ; )
 One of my favorites!
 For Matt and Stephanie!
 For Olivia's godfather!
 I made this after Olivia, my daughter, was born!
 I made this for my husband for our first wedding anniversary!
 I made this for my Aunt Mary and Uncle Peter!
They live in Georgia, the rest of us live in New York!
"love knows no distance"
Personalized Frames are wonderful & inexpensive gifts!
The holidays are coming up! I'll take orders now and have them done in a couple weeks!

We know our letters! And other things!

On my daughters bedroom door is the letter 'O' that I painted.
Ya know, just in case we forget ; )
Above her bed are custom letters I painted as well!
Just so everyone is clear on that her name is Olivia! ha!
I have done these for many people, custom to match
any bedroom! Or family name!
Ask me about them! Made with love!
My cousin Kimberly asked me to make her son Joshua,
our newest little cousin, letters for his wall!
 Our cousin Paul, Kimberly's hubby and Joshua's father, is in the Coast Guard.
We needed the 'mans man' design, so a custom painted by me, camo print
is adorable but tough enough for the son of a Coastie!!
 Monkeys were the theme in his room!
 For Joshua's bedroom door.

I have many other letters and shapes that are for sale!
This one is in Amelia's room!

 Just realized this is my daughter, my husband and my initials!
Lets pretend I did that on purpose! lol!

These are a very inexpensive 'extra' for a wall, or bedroom door!
Great baby shower gifts, first birthday gifts, or just for anything!

Whats in a name? If not bedazzled!?

One of my passions is making things for children.
I started making them for gifts, and hopefully one day I'll have a demand for them!
Here are a few of my works!
I LOVE making homemade gifts.
It wasn't until our family joined two playgroups
that we had a lot of kid friends!
So now I have more excuses to paint more name cavases!

This one I made for a friend's new baby!

This one is my first paid for canvas! For my friend Lindsey's nephew!
I LOVE this one!
Here are a few more!
This was for Josie's first birthday!
 This was for Leanna's first birthday!
 This was for Harley!
This one is up for the taking! I love this name!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'll paint anything!

I love using nature to teach with! (and it's FREE!)
Saw this idea on a website and I stole it! Yes I said stole! Ok, ok, lets say I 'made it my own'!
Olivia LOVES playing with them!
I put them all over the floor, letter side up, and let the kids run to each letter!
Gives 'skipping stones' a different feel! : )