Monday, April 25, 2011

I just love a good theme!

For one of my girlfriends is having a baby boy! Their theme is "my little MVP" from Babies R Us.
 This is the rug in the collection
It's super cute! Being so crafty I really wanted to go with the theme, but also make it myself!
I went to Micheal's craft store, bought a wooden soccer ball, a basket ball, and a catchers mitt!
I painted them all up after looking at the rug from the collection, and decided to play around with it and make it look just like it!
I really loved this one!

The only complaint I have is that someone at the shower thought I bought it from the registry! Of course I corrected her and told her a made it.(I didn't tell her I spent about 7 hours on the thing!) She asked for my number so I could make something for the next shower she goes to!! LOL! So that was awesome!
I need to go thru my closet of canvases and start selling them and letting other people give them life! They aren't breathing sitting in my closet!
Keep crafting everyone!