Friday, March 4, 2011

in with the new(er)!!

I start my 'spring' clean up way before spring! I move things from room to room. Give away & donate!
This year, due to budget cuts (lol) I've started re-purposing! I've started putting spring stuff out! I'm so tired of the gray winter and needed to brighten things up in my home without spending money! I have hot glue! Thats all I need!
I was going to get rid of two of these old glass vases. (Which I got for FREE from the recycling center!)
 Instead of bringing them right back to that recycling center I filled them half way with rice, hot glued old scraps of ribbon I had saved for scrapbooking from Olivia's 1st birthday, and threw a candle in them!

Now they aren't so boring anymore! Super easy. You need NO talent or skill at all to operate a glue gun! ; )

I love a good wreath! And you only need 3 things! Doesn't take skill to make this!
1. Go to a local craft store and get whatever kind of flowers you'd like. I love a gerber daisies! My Favorite-plus they were on sale when I bought them!
2. Get a wreath, whatever size you'd like. (I got mine from my handy recycling center's free table-saved me about $5!)
(*tip: place the flowers on wreath BEFORE you leave store so you don't have to make a trip back to that lovely craft store!)
3. Take the stems off (they usually just pop out of the flowers!) and hot glue them onto the wreath!

Taaaddaaaaaa! Simple cute AND cheap! (but not cheap in pretty!) (ps, the 'happy spring' sign is from the dollar store!)

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