Friday, March 4, 2011

Paint your belly!

Olivia has always looked at me like I was crazy when I'd throw some paint in front of her and let her go at it. She'd just touch the paint, look at me and shake her head.
Well this time she didn't!
We smell everything! Not quite sure!

It's very funny!!!!!
Show me all your paint!!!!!!!

After that she needed a long bath and shower!!

Craft Swap of 2011!

Friend and fellow blogger (her fault for my getting my own blog!) check out Stephanie's blog!

So...Stephanie's cousin started this idea. To put on your Facebook status "the first 5 people who comment on this crafty status I will make and send your a craft". (it was more detailed that that-but you get it!) I was, well, probably too excited about this. I love crafting! I've stopped crafting so much because I didn't need my entire house being hot glued, painted with murals and scrapbooked!

So I decided to do what I know, painting on canvas. (now I still haven't sent them out, and they were done the beginning of February-they will be sent out next week. I scheduled in post office on my calendar!! haha!)
So I'm ruining the surprise for 4 of my 5 people!
This idea is, again, a super easy! Grab a pretty piece of scrapbook paper (*tip) the thinner it is the easier it is to work with) At the craft store buy a blank frame. They have them with the wood crafts.
1. Tear up the paper (1 sheet can be enough for 2 frames, depending on size, obviously)
2. Water down some elmers glue, or modge podge and dip paper in it.
3. put it all over the frame
4. after your are done put some modge podge all over and let dry!
(*tip: super easy for the kids too!

(I'm not telling who these are for!)

Another craft I did was canvases!

My favorites!
(Guess we know who this one is for!)

Love this one too!
I rarely love thing I do (typical woman always being hard on herself!) But I did love these both!

in with the new(er)!!

I start my 'spring' clean up way before spring! I move things from room to room. Give away & donate!
This year, due to budget cuts (lol) I've started re-purposing! I've started putting spring stuff out! I'm so tired of the gray winter and needed to brighten things up in my home without spending money! I have hot glue! Thats all I need!
I was going to get rid of two of these old glass vases. (Which I got for FREE from the recycling center!)
 Instead of bringing them right back to that recycling center I filled them half way with rice, hot glued old scraps of ribbon I had saved for scrapbooking from Olivia's 1st birthday, and threw a candle in them!

Now they aren't so boring anymore! Super easy. You need NO talent or skill at all to operate a glue gun! ; )

I love a good wreath! And you only need 3 things! Doesn't take skill to make this!
1. Go to a local craft store and get whatever kind of flowers you'd like. I love a gerber daisies! My Favorite-plus they were on sale when I bought them!
2. Get a wreath, whatever size you'd like. (I got mine from my handy recycling center's free table-saved me about $5!)
(*tip: place the flowers on wreath BEFORE you leave store so you don't have to make a trip back to that lovely craft store!)
3. Take the stems off (they usually just pop out of the flowers!) and hot glue them onto the wreath!

Taaaddaaaaaa! Simple cute AND cheap! (but not cheap in pretty!) (ps, the 'happy spring' sign is from the dollar store!)